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Readercon tomorrow!

I leave for Readercon tomorrow!

But first, I must get through today.

I'm still stiff from lifting weights on Monday. I skipped gym yesterday in favor of walking and shopping (I had to buy a present). I plan to go tonight, but will probably only do the elliptical. Tomorrow will be very inactive, but I'm bringing workout gear to the con with me, and my schedule is open on Friday.

I'm reading a Val McDermid book, The Last Temptation, which I got through BookMooch at [personal profile] natlyn's recommendation. At least she recommended the author, not a specific book. This one is maybe fourth in a series, and is pretty good. I like that it's mostly set in Germany and the Netherlands, though the main cop and profiler are English.

I'm also reading a lot of fanfic. Currently, I'm rereading the classic "Talking Stick" (ST: V) series to see what I think of it now, and I still like it. I also read a K/S, not normally my thing, but I suspect this one was classic because of the style and because of the included art. That one had a Marty Stu! In the classic sense! Everybody thinks he's hot, even the captain and Spock, he's heroic, and then he dies saving Spock's life. Not sure if it was a deliberate commentary on MS or not. Wish the story had been dated.
Tags: fanfiction, gym, mystery

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