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Progress Has Been Made - 5 Things Make a Post

1. Have extracted and made piles of nearly everything I am taking with me for the two conferences next week. Still need to dig out a particular shawl and do the last few errands, like getting cash out, as well as fit everything into the suitcase.

2. Dayjob is very busy and stressful right now. Have managed not to kill anyone yet. Will hopefully make it through today without becoming a homicide, too. Then I am free!

3. Lifted many weights last night (see above) which made me gratifyingly tired. 145 pounds total (counting barbell) for squats, two sets of fifteen. That seems to be the edge of my strength - I wobbled a tiny bit when removing and replacing the bar. Slightly stiff this morning, but pleased with myself.

4. Got my preliminary Readercon schedule. It is awesome. Am checking with ride about Thursday arrival time, as in previous years have not had luck when I have a panel scheduled for a travel day. (Have missed my first panel twice, I think, and once was late to it.) Will think more about con when I get back from IASPR/RWA.

5. An external hard drive has done wonders for my ancient laptop, at least after using it once it seems like that.
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