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Long Weekend Approacheth

All day yesterday, which dragged like lead boots, it felt like Friday. Even when I reminded myself it was Thursday.

Today it really is Friday, and not only do I get to leave dayjob a little early, but we have Monday off. I am not at WisCon, but I still plan to be in vacation-mode. Hopefully there will even be some lazing around watching DVDs.

I did laundry last night, so I now have shorts that fit! Or I will when they're dry. See, even though my weight has changed very little - it went back up some over the winter - my proportions have changed, so three pairs of cropped pants had to go. I spent a good chunk of last Sunday trying on new ones of different brands and different sizes, but of course the ones that fit best were the ones that were not on sale. So I bought denim shorts instead, because at least they had spandex and could adjust somewhat. So now I have enough shorts to make it through a week's trip where I won't have time to do laundry. Do other people plan their lives this way, or am I just really anal-retentive?

This week's gym was weights on Monday, intervals on Tuesday, Wednesday off, weights last night. I intended to do intervals last night, but after a few moments realized my legs were like lead after two sets of barbell squats (45 lb bar plus 50 additional lb of weight) so I just did fifteen minutes or so at a normal pace, so just over a mile, mainly to loosen up. In addition to the squats, I did pushups (angled off a bar, not regular ones) and row lifts (25 lbs each hand). I am taking today off, as well. I am trying to learn what works so far as rest days.

Oh, and I got the new Lady Gaga album for 99 cents. Apparently everyone else in the world did, too, because it took a really long time to download. But I loaded the songs onto my gym MP3 player and found them very satisfactory for that purpose.

I have a post up at The Criminal Element today: Hijinks with History: Abigail Adams as Detective?
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