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Photo scanner

Taking advantage of a gift certificate, I bought an Epson Perfection V300 Photo Color Scanner. Anybody else have a photo scanner? What do you think? Any helpful hints?

This one is nice one, not the newest model but it has the all-important capability to scan film negatives and make them into positives. Also slides, but I have none of those. I will be using it with my laptop, which is a model from 2001 or so; I had to make sure the scanner was compatible, since I don't have a desktop at home. The laptop doesn't have a huge amount of memory, but it does have a CD burner, and I have a separate DVD burner that I can hook up to it, so I can copy over what I've scanned. The scanner is supposed to have software to do color correction and the like, so hopefully that will be compatible with my laptop as well, since I have a few very old Instamatic-type snapshots that are discolored or faded.

When I was a freshman in college, I got a nice one-shot camera for Christmas. Until it finally stopped working, about two decades later, I was the primary photographer for family visits and such. I don't have most of my prints any more, since those were given to people, but I did keep all of my negatives; they're in protected boxes in my closet. I foresee many, many hours of scanning while watching DVDs or listening to music. And then it will be really easy to share the pics with my ever-growing family so they can all laugh at what terrible hair everyone had in the 80s. Except me, because by the mid-eighties I had essentially the same haircut I have now.

Also, my Unusual Pirates post is up over at Heroes & Heartbreakers.


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May. 26th, 2011 05:06 pm (UTC)
Get some black poster board/construction paper to put behind thin double sided items, (like a clipping from a magazine). It keeps the light from bouncing off the white back, and making the back image bleed through. It can really make a difference.

Also, for pretty/artsy shots of small (non flat) items, turn off all the lights (works best at night in the pitch black) and scan with the cover open. Can make an interesting 3d sort of image.
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