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PIFA Street Fair

I spent my Saturday, from just before 11 am until 7 pm, at the massive street fair on Broad Street, celebrating the conclusion of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. It was awesome, even though I had some difficulty hooking up with my various friends also attending (saw two of them, at least, for a few minutes each). Will post some pics in the pro blog, probably next week.

The Grand Finale Part One, which I actually missed seeing live - I had a dinner date with a visiting LJ friend. Part Two, with acrobats.

I did get to see Watcha Clan, who were incredibly awesome - I went twenty minutes early to get a spot right up against the railing. I even took some video, but the sound is distorted from being so close to the speakers (of the "I feel that bass thumping in my chest" variety). I also saw PhillyBloco in the morning and attempted to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings before I left, but was so over-stimulated from Watcha Clan that their show barely registered and I gave up.

Sunday I was worn out and still had sore legs from being on my feet all day, but kind of glad to be worn out, if that makes sense. It was soothing to be in that state. I got my advance check for the Spice Brief last week; Sunday, I wrote 500 more words on the story, and thought about various structure issues.
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