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I went to bed at Tot hours last night - around 8 pm, having skipped the gym entirely and eaten mozarella sticks with marinara sauce for dinner. I didn't entirely wake up until 6:30 am this morning, feeling a million times better than my sleep-deprived self.

I'm going to have a cardio workout this afternoon in place of my lunch hour; after work I have to head over to St. Mark's for our performance. Since my choir folder is wide, I have to use my big black messenger bag for it, which means I have room. I carried along makeup and my nice black shirt (burnout velvet, with a camisole beneath) instead of wearing it all day.

I had the awfullest dream that seemed to last forever.

In the dream, I went out to dinner with a friend, having forgotten I had a concert! Then I went somewhere else with another friend and remembered along the way, but there was no way I was going to be on time for call. Then we got lost or something and were driving in these deserted green hills. We found some sort of resort hotel and, though my cell phone had not been working, finally managed to call (not sure who!) to say I was going to be late - except then the concert started, and I was listening to it on a sort of WWII-era radio, which didn't make sense until my mind told me it was hooked up to the cell phone (?). There were violins, which in the real concert there aren't. However, that first scrape of violins was dramatic, amazing, and I doubled over with sorrow and grief that I was missing it. It was horrible. I kept sobbing and trying to think of ways out, and remembering friends who'd promised to be at the concert, who would be wondering where I was. It was awful.

Then I woke up, or woke myself up. It took me a few breaths to realize it had been a dream, that the concert hadn't happened yet. It took me a little while to go back to sleep.

Am really looking forward to this performance. I hope I don't get so excited I screw something up. Even though part of music is that it doesn't need to be clockwork perfection.
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