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I was lazy and I'm okay with that.

Confession time: I skipped the gym two days in a row this week. It's partly because dayjob has been insanely busy lately, partly because I didn't get enough sleep several nights in a row.

I intended to skip Wednesday, a cardio day, from the beginning, because I was going out for lunch and seeing the Tots in the evening. Thursday was supposed to be a cardio plus weights day, but I just couldn't face it. I was both physically and mentally tired, I had a kink in my neck, and I spent most of the day poring over details of forms. I went out to lunch, thinking, "I can go after work." As after work drew near, I thought about how crowded the gym is at that hour, and my current mental state, and realized I couldn't face it. So I went shopping.

I had one day left on a $10 off coupon for Macy's, and earlier this week my favorite pair of "nice" jeans developed a rubbed-through spot. I went to Macy's instead of the gym and tried on seven or eight pairs in different sizes, different cuts, different brands. I ended up with the same brand I'd had before (Ralph Lauren) in my favorite dark wash. Thanks to them being 30% off, plus discount from using my store credit card, plus my coupon, I got them for around $25. I don't think they need hemming, either!

The jeans were all I bought, but I also tried on two dresses, both in my favorite style, and am considering them. Though I haven't lost any more weight, I have lost a dress size; so long as there's a full skirt, I seem to wear a 14 Women right now. !!!

This one is very awesome on me. Alas, it only comes in black and pale grey, I suppose because it's intended to be office wear. In cobalt or burgendy or bright red, I would totally party down in that dress. Even cream color.

This one was lovely, too. The one I tried on had purple flowers instead of the red. Its only flaw was that it was cut for someone with slightly wider shoulders, or it felt like that to me. I think it would be fine, just not perfect.

If I really decide I want to buy a new dress (I have a niceish one right now, but it's too loose except for emergencies), I'll go to Nordstrom, which entails a bus ride out to the King of Prussia mall. They have exceptional service and always seem to have a better selection. The K of P Macy's has a better selection than Center City, which is supposed to be the flagship store. There's a Lord & Taylor out there, too, and I like their clothes. If I want a dress like one of those, I need to decide, as I fear a giant flood of 1970s-style flowy Boho is going to take over soon.

OMG, I just talked so much about shopping.

I had dinner with [profile] feklar, which cheered me up, and went to bed a little early. Today I'll just do cardio, hopefully instead of my lunch break, and then tomorrow I'll go in the afternoon and do weights, as I recall Saturdays aren't too bad so far as crowds go. I hope that's still true.
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