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A home for zines

I'm considering donating my collection of Blake's 7 fanzines to an archive. I love the idea that they would be preserved for future scholars, given that even now many of the stories aren't available in any other format. Of course, first I need to escavate those four boxes from the floor of my closet. There are things on top of them. *wince*

Then I need to go through a make a list of what's there. I used to keep index cards, but since a few were lent out and never returned back in the early 1990s (still angry with that person, though I've not seen her in two decades!), I need to make sure my list is accurate before I offer to the archive. I hope some of the zines will be useful to them.

...I should set myself a deadline. End of April, perhaps, to get out the boxes, sort, and contact the archive.

Fan Culture Preservation Project. "Greg Prickman, Assistant Head of Special Collections at the University of Iowa, notes, "fan culture pre-dates and anticipates our modern remix mash-up internet culture." The Special Collections department has a strong interest in preserving zines and fan culture: Iowa is already home to a huge (250,000) collection of science fiction and fantasy zines and APA zines, as well as a collection of Riot Grrrl and Underground Music Zines."
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