oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

What? No more whining? 5 things.

1. I feel a bit better today.

2. Ya'll, don't pass out or nothin', but I'm wearing a skirt today! With tights and chukkas, but still, a skirt. I think it's a bit too long even with the chukkas and pulling it up to my ribcage (under my turtleneck, you can't see that I pulled it up so high). Skirts make me look stumpy unless they're above the knee and this is just below, even pulled up. I think it would be too complicated to get this one hemmed, though, it's stretchy.

3. Last night's gym was my 91st visit since I started the health insurance rebate-thing. After 120 visits, I get a rebate on part of my gym membership. I did the elliptical at level 10, then four different weight machines for my upper body. I'm weakest in biceps and pressing weights over my head.

4. I think I have successfully resisted spending $386 on the most lovely Italian (I think? Brand is Momo) wingtip spectators I have ever seen or tried on, that I probably shouldn't have even tried on because it was just painful in my heart. I will sublimate and buy a pair of Bass spectators which cost $60. Plus I have a $25 coupon. I think the spectators will be instead of the bright blue Chucks.

5. Last night I watched some eps of The Dresden Files tv show while I typed my 2010 tax deductions into a spreadsheet. By the time I got to the binder clip of postage receipts, I stopped; I already had more deductions than I'd received in writing income for the year, since I only had half the writing income I'd expected back when I attended BookExpo America and RWA National, my two most expensive conferences. One more task out of the way!
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