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5 things make a post

1. I looked at my Facebook page. !!! A lot of people have big, serious things going on. My life is pretty stable right now, in comparison.

2. Knowing that still didn't cheer me up that much. It just made me worried (and in one case, happy) for others.

3. I went to the gym last night and did cardio, with the elliptical on a high setting (16). I've been alternating that high setting with a lower one (10) on the "off" days, with the idea that I'd also do weights on the level 16 days. A lot of the time, I'm not doing a lot of weights on the level 16 days. It would probably work better to do them on the level 10 days, but that's only twice a week, and if I went back to level 10 on three days would I be backsliding? I haven't been doing enough weights, period, which leads to feelings of laziness and inadequacy. I need to start being pleased with what I actually accomplish, rather than what I wish I could accomplish all the time. Maybe it's time for a goal adjustment? Adjusting goals always feels so sucky, if the goals go down instead of up. But then again, if the goal is high and you're just not doing it....

4. I need to decide about the October Novelists, Inc. conference. By that time, I should have recovered from paying for RWA hotel expenses. It could be very useful in many ways, but I am also pretty sure I will never be a full-time novelist. On the other hand, it could give me a boost. On the other other hand, I hope I won't still be all whiny like this all those months from now.

5. I'm taking some days off from day job next week. Day job is extremely busy and stressful right now (contributing to my mood? you bet!!!). I'm never going to catch up because I am doing several more than just one job. So I might as well take the days off. *whimper*
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