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A useful item of Fashion.

Fashion alert!

I bought a jacket this weekend, for about a quarter of its original price. It's white with a dense black floral print, three-quarter sleeves and two buttons, and a jacket collar, in a sort of swingy style that comes to the hip. I'd call it a "girly" jacket. It's machine washable.

I'm wearing it today over a cream turtleneck, so today it's an office jacket. It will also look cool with a decorated t-shirt and jeans, so it can be more of a "me" jacket, on a weekend. It can be dressed up or down, depending on what I wear with it. Those of you who've seen my red silk brocade jacket, I'm treating it kind of like that, as a sort of focal point, with variations because the texture is different.

Do you have an item of clothing like that, that you wear with all sorts of different things in different ways? What is it? How do you wear it?
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