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Draft Achieved! and New Thing and "Sherlock" second ep

I watched the second episode of "Sherlock" and was not thrilled with it. I'm glad I've already been told the third and last episode is great!

Also this weekend, I finished a draft of the WWI werewolf short. The draft is about 16K right now. I have leeway up to 20K. I've printed it out and will be reading over it with an eye to finding weird places and places I left stuff in from the original novel that no longer belong. I think it is vaguely story-shaped right now, but that shape is kind of like Frankenstein's Monster.

Converting a complex novel into a simple short story? Hard. It required me to play a lot of psychological games with myself to get it done.

I didn't write more on the New Thing but I did buy new Moleskine journals! This is serious business, I don't use those notebooks for just anything--too expensive. They're for fiction notes only. I use the ones that are about the size of a trade paperback except much thinner. I can't find my previous one, which wasn't full; I think when I had to change projects so many times, I got frustrated and tossed it into the archive box, but that's hard to reach so I didn't look for it there. (See, psychological games with myself.) A new start seems appropriate anyway. I haven't written in it yet, but soon! I had one more idea for how the baddies in the New Thing might operate, so I need to do a little reading on that.

I'll talk about the New Thing when I feel a bit more secure in it. But first, getting that WWI piece done and sent. Soon.
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