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Sherlock, "A Study in Pink"

I finally watched episode one of the newish BBC "Sherlock" last night. It takes the story and moves it into a contemporary London setting, with various nods to Canon.

After work, I had lifted weights for the first time in a while, and though I only did a couple of upper body machines, that compared with my recent increase in elliptical resistance (15 to 16) left me pretty wiped out. Staring at pretty pictures was just the ticket for the rest of my evening.

Me, I'm in it for Dr. Watson and his hidden depths; plus I like Martin Freeman a lot. I was happy to see Rupert Graves as well, playing Lestrade in a way that I felt totally grounded the wackiness of Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch with his resonant deep voice was an interesting choice for Holmes; I liked the angle they're taking, that Holmes is a high-functioning sociopath. I also liked the little twist they gave to one of the canon's familiar elements.

I need to sneak in some reading of all the LJ/DW posts about this show, now that I've seen it at last.
Tags: dvd, gym, sherlock

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