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I'm in a groove!

I wrote Saturday morning and Sunday morning, working on the evisceration/rearticulation of the werewolf marriage of convenience story, to change it from partially-written novel to compact story of adventure and sex in 20,000 words or less. I'm at about 14K right now, but it's been up and down the last several times I worked on it, as I, bit by bit, discovered old material wasn't going to work and deleted it, along with me adding new material that I hoped would work. I still have to decide about the last 7K remaining from the original. I should at the least be able to salvage the sex scene.

It's been easier to cut now that I've had several months' distance from this manuscript. And easier to give it plastic surgery. It's getting a very shallow makeover of my original intent!

Over at the pro blog, I'm asking if people have writing craft topics they'd like me to write about.
Tags: writing process

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