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Adventures with Eyes

Complaining commences...now!

So, now I know that the eye doctor's office isn't terribly...efficient, shall we say.

I arrived twenty minutes early for my appointment, so I could fill out paperwork, do co-pay, etc.. Seventy minutes later, I saw the tech. Which would have been more okay if they had warned me they were running behind. I had something to read, and it was even more tolerable after a half-hour or so, when I had figured out how to shut off the television, which was stuck on bland and sticky kids' cartoons (I was thanked for this by others waiting).

Eyes dilated. Tech used only one drop (for future reference: in the end, after about five hours, bright light was no longer an irritation, and I could read big print on e-reader, though I think it took a bit over six hours to be normal). Was told to sit in waiting room for twenty minutes while drops took effect. Couldn't read. Had a long chat with elderly man with lovely Spanish accent, who has to give a lot of urine samples and can't ever seem to get the appointments he needs when he needs them. (Never did find out why he was at the eye doctor.) Nearly an hour later--it's almost 5:oo pm--I get put into a room. Turn off lights in room (have been wearing sunglasses under the flouroescent lights - their freebie shade has no arms and I can't figure out how it's supposed to stay on). Wait. At last doctor comes in. Says medically I'm fine. Gives me prescription for eyeglasses.

I am escorted out. Place is like a tomb. Front desk people went home already. Have no idea if co-pay is all I owe (I think it is). I can't ask what to do with my prescription. They'll "bill me." This makes me mad, one more thing to deal with later on, but I don't say anything because there's no point, no one is there except tech (? possibly nurse?) who is also stuck working late.

I sure do complain a lot over something that's not really a big deal, don't I? It's easier to complain when it's not a big deal. Anyway.

It's dark outside when I leave. Streetlamps and traffic lights irritate me so I walk home in sunglasses anyway. Everything is slightly blurred. I stop at the grocery store, still in sunglasses; have to lift them and squint to check dates on milk. I stick to essentials. Go home.

So, now I have this presription. What does one do with a prescription for glasses? I mean, I know you take it to a glasses place. But do they need your insurance info, even if glasses aren't covered? Do they care about that? Are there ways to save money that someone who always had glasses will know about?

Horn rims or wireframes?
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