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Whine About Wine

It is an eternal blessing to me that I am not planning or dealing with any of the food for my book launch party - drinkingcocoa is doing that for me. I did, however, volunteer to buy the wine. Or, rather, to have feklar tell me what wines might be suitable to buy, and then buying one of each color. I like going because I love looking at all the weird labels and weird descriptions and wacky ingredients, but that doesn't help me choose. Anyway, my mentor and I shopped last night and I bought: a white moscato, a red zinfandel, and a pink (!) prosecco. I'll also have a bottle of honey mead, because there's honey wine in the book. Maybe I should have gotten a different red, but among the flavors listed for the red zinfandel was "meat." How could I not get that?

This is why I should not be allowed to buy wine on my own. I am not a wine-drinker, did you guess? I will just as soon buy something for the nifty label, and if I drink it, I like the sweeter stuff, up to and including wine made from Concord grapes or apples. Axler, stop laughing.

I've been kind of down this week, for no particular reason, so hopefully the party tomorrow will cheer me up.
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