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Some more reviews of The Duke & The Pirate Queen

Photographer Kyle Cassidy posted about some great books, including The Duke & The Pirate Queen, in which his name was given to an eeeeevil pirate (In charity auctions, LiveJournal user Arionrhod and Kyle Cassidy both won named characters).

And RT Book Reviews posted their four-star review, which includes the quotable: "Continuing with characters from The Duchess, Her Maid, the Groom and Their Lover, Janssen delivers a fast-paced true high-seas adventure novel. The sex is intense and varied, with Janssen playing into several "women on top" fantasies that are empowering because the men are strong, but the women are their matches."

In other news, I did intervals at the gym yesterday, four of them, of the one minute fast, two minutes slow variety. Except there was a little longer before the fourth interval. Still, four. My record so far is five. I'm going to keep trying for four or more. I haven't been doing intervals every time, though. More like once a week.
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