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The promo, it is never ending.

I keep finding new little things that I ought to do for promo of The Duke and The Pirate Queen. It could easily eat my life if I let it. Even if I try not to let it, it's a bit overwhelming, like a predator sniffing around your flimsy cabin door.

This morning, I went into the Amazon Author Central pages to add review quotes to my books, and answered questions people had after yesterday's guest blog. Of course, once I leave for vacation (two weeks!), I'm going to attempt to ignore it all. My blog posts during that time will mostly be "reprints" of my various guest blogs, for those who didn't feel like chasing them down first time around. I'm scheduling a post for every day, even when I'm not online.

I was back in the gym yesterday but ridiculously sluggish and feeling fat because I seem to be holding at least a couple of pounds more than I was for a while. I'm trying not to obsess about weight but it's hard not to when I go up instead of down. I forgot to stretch my calves after the elliptical, and when I got home and was curled up with my laptop, I got a truly horrific cramp, not just my calf but also around my hipbone. Scared the cat when I leapt up. I did manage to finish the short story submissions that were due, though. Hopefully, the editor will like them and I won't have to write different ones.

Launch party for The Duke and The Pirate Queen is this Saturday. Already!
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