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Monteverdi Vespers performance, 2010

My choir's Monteverdi Vespers performance last night was incredible.  Sackbuts and cornettos make me happy regardless, and the ones we had were just awesome; their sound set a great deal of the mood for me.  It was one of those times when the concert felt like flying.  One of my favorite sopranos did the Soprano II solos, plus the pair of tenors we had were out of this world; their duets were, well, hot.  Like, really hot, totally of the "Watch this!  No, watch this!" variety.  And on the one solo piece with three tenors (the third was our regular guy), the quietist bits, when they resolved into unison, were exquisite.

We had a good audience--it wasn't packed, and no-where near the huge goal we had, but more than last concert, I think--and, better, they were an involved audience, and they fed back to us what we were feeding to them.  I saw a lot of smiling.  One of the tenors told me he saw someone we knew crying at one point.

It's a long piece, with several solos which mean the chorus is just standing.  But we had an intermission after "Lauda Jerusalem," which was blessed, given that the last portion is when there's the most standing while various sections have their solos through the different verses of "Ave Maris Stella."

Most amusing moment:  there are a couple of tenor duets in which one tenor is offstage, singing "echo."  The first time the echo came in, a huge chunk of the audience swiveled their heads in the direction of the sound, swoosh!  I had to choke back my whoop of laughter; it came out as a tiny snort which hopefully didn't make it onto the recording.

I was empty afterwards, and a little giddy.  I snuck off and had bread and chicken and vegetables for dinner, then went home and packaged up some books to mail while watching a David Attenborough documentary about Antarctica.  The documentary wasn't as soothing as I'd hoped--leopard seals play with their prey (because what else do they have to play with?)--but all the shots of glaciers and icy ocean were very calming anyway.  I realized I was missing chunks of the narration.  Luckily, I have it on DVD so can watch it again later.

I ripped three of my Tricky albums to my dayjob computer this morning, and am listening to that now, so I can shake the endless Monteverdi out of my brain radio.
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