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Three Things Make a Post.

1. Audiobook for The Duke & The Pirate Queen, at Audible.com. You can listen to a free sample there. Narrators have been different for each of my three audiobooks, but all are women with British accents. Some of the Spice ones have narrators with American accents, so somebody made that choice. The Moonlight Mistress does have actual English characters, at least. I don't mind--I love British accents--but I do think it's funny.

2. If you haven't noticed yet, my website has a new design! My blog has also been moved there, so it's now the front page of the site. I've put pointers at the old blog that give the new blog feed address, registered the new feed at Dreamwidth, and requested that the LiveJournal feed be updated.

3. The review site/blog NY Journal of Books found The Duke & The Pirate Queen to be entirely bland. Should that be my new tagline? For contrast, tomorrow my blog is going to host a Completely Biased Review. Also, I can't remember if I posted this review at Kelsey's Book Corner yet.
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