oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Greetings from NYC

I am visiting a college friend in NYC this week, but today she had to work all afternoon. I spent the time pleasantly engaged in strolling about Soho and looking at things. I tried on a pair of velvet Doc Martens oxfords at the new store (three weeks old!), helped by a lovely British woman wearing the Hello Kitty Doc boots, the white ones with pink bows. The velvet ones also came in a dark wine color. Very tempting, but I resisted.

I did buy two scarves at a Tibetan/Indian import shop, but only after I thought about them all day and went back to make my purchases. And I bought some little charms for Crocs, to give to the Small Monkeys, which I hope they will be able to evenly divide without conflict. For Geeklet, I got an R2D2/C3PO charm and a Hogwarts crest and a tiny octopus; for The Maw, two clown fish (no plain goldfish, but hopefully close enough to Ponyo?) and an octopus in another color.

Off to CT tomorrow, then home on Sunday.

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