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Blah need snores.

Last night, The Maw commented that she needed "snores." I need snores this morning. I woke in the wee hours for a call of nature and my brain, as it so often does when I have busy times ahead, starting whirring like a hamster wheel, if the hamster had superpowers like The Flash; the wheel started to whine and throw off sparks. After a half hour, I gave up and made a detailed list of all the tiny things I needed to do.

I am still hoping my redesigned website will be up by December 1st for the book release. Designer is redoing the template based on my comments. I went in this morning and made sure I'd updated the appearances and publications pages. Just this week I got confirmation I'd sold "Vanilla," a short story, to Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance from Cleis Press, edited by Kristina Wright. It's out in May 2011.

And for further promo, I think I finally have the Kindle formatting thing down. Erotic Exploits is a Kindle collection of my speculative lesbian erotica, also available through Smashwords. I loaded it up at the new PubIt! at Barnes & Noble last week, but it's still churning away in their system and not yet available. I am mainly doing this as an experiment, since all the stories are reprints. I wanted to make them available since some of the anthologies are out of print, and was curious if I would gain any new readers through it. I suspect not many new readers. If readers only want lesbian stories, they won't get that in my novels. Perhaps those who read my novels might develop a liking for lesbian stories, though, if they haven't tried any before.

Anyway. I know I should have done the website thing much earlier, so it would have been done well before my book's release month; but to pay for it, I was waiting to get paid for delivering The Duke and The Pirate Queen, and it took the publisher...some time. *squints*

I started reading Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone on my Kindle.
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