oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

yes, I am thinking about goals again, whine whine whine

I'm still on my "what to write next" kick. And trying to find the energy and enthusiasm for said writing.

Before I start anything new, I might need to take what I have of the Tanneken/Noel story and make that into a shorter piece (maximum 20K) and send that in as a potential Spice Brief.

Neurotic writer neep ahead! I had to put their story away so abruptly that I found I needed to emotionally separate myself from it, too. Now I think need to find the connection again, so I can at least get some closure. What will I do if they don't buy it? I'll decide that if it doesn't get bought.

I am poking at ideas for what to write, every once in a while, like you poke at a missing tooth. I have glimmers. And I am forming a loose mental list of "things I like" to find out what would keep me engaged for what will likely be an entire novel, because if I write some genre other than erotica, I am not sure I can sell on proposal. And even if I can, I will need to write the book anyway.

Please feel free to offer advice and commentary. I am weary of all this bumping around inside my head.
Tags: business of writing
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