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Book Browsing

I am re-discovering the joy of browsing with the Kindle. When I buy new authors these days, it might be through browsing in a convention dealers' room, but more often it's because I read an interesting review. I don't browse as much as I did when I did more shopping in physical bookstores. True, I used to have more free time to browse, and I didn't feel I needed to be so, well, professional about my book buying.

Now I'm trying to get away, somewhat, from buying books that I'm reading more for business purposes (keeping up with the genre) than because I really want to read them. I recently got rid of a large bag of used books I'd acquired just because someone, somewhere, recommended them and I felt I ought to read them.

How about you? How have your readings habits changed over the years? What are you up to with reading now?
Tags: kindle, reading

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