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Philly Swap-o-rama-rama!

I just like saying it. Swap-o-rama-rama! Swap-o-rama-rama! Swap-o-rama-rama!

I went yesterday, with two friends and their two daughters. I got rid of an enormous bag of clothing, most of which appeared to be taken by the end of the day, which was surprisingly satisfying. I made myself a little pin with a yellow daisy while keeping the Tots company at the felt scraps/glue gun/etc. table, but mostly I rejoiced in getting rid of Stuff. And people-watched, because the Swap-o-rama-rama is prime people-watching territory.

In particular, I studied what people were wearing. I saw one woman wearing black boots just like mine at home (I was wearing ankle boots instead), and numerous interesting vintage items. Some of the stranger items-to-be-swapped turned out to look amazingly right on the right person, such as a wildly embellished black and turquoise jacket, which totally suited a woman with bleached hair and a bright magenta headband.

I visited the silkscreen and dyeing demonstrations (the dyeing was with actual indigo and marigold-derived dyes), and a booth where people recycle broken umbrella fabric into doggie raincoats and insulated cup-holders. The tots made princess hats from recycled cardboard and scrap fabric, then endlessly embellished them with paint, glitter, words cut from boxes, little bobbles, etc.. Each of my friends scored a really amazing dress, and one of them a great little crocheted shawl that looked as if she'd been wearing it since she left home, it suited her so well.

The only thing I didn't get to do that I kind of wanted to try was making stamped notecards, but I was too tired and hungry by the time I got to it. Maybe next year.
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