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I now have about a dozen guest blog posts to write. It's a good thing I'm good at coming up with blog topics. An article I wrote on "never run out of blog topics" for my RWA chapter's newsletter is getting reprinted in chapter newsletters all over the country. I guess a lot of people want to blog but don't know what to write.

I made myself a couple of lists. One was a list of the dates, contact people, title of post, and URL. Then I made a separate file in which I'm actually going to write the posts, based on the titles I came up with the other day. I have a single file for the posts because there's a little blurb that will be common to all and a choice of excerpts. Once posts are finished, I'll put them in their own file to email to the host blog.

I'll also have some guests in my own blog in return, but the earliest of those isn't until November, hopefully after my blog has migrated to my website. I have all those dates compiled, as well.

There's a brief review of The Duke and the Pirate Queen here. The blog is apparently a new one.
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