oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Down the Publicity Rabbit Hole

I've been consumed in the last day or so with arranging publicity for The Duke and the Pirate Queen. Yes, I know it's not out until December 1, but some people start long before two months doing promo.

I've been kind of down lately, and questioning whether it matters if this book sells, but I reminded myself I did want people to read this book, if only so they can tell me they didn't like it. So I kicked myself into action, taking my own advice that it always feels better to do something than nothing.

I now have an invoice from the web designer for a redesign of my website that should go live in November. I have to make an appointment for a (wince) author photo, but I've already discussed it with the photographer, it's just the actual picture-taking that's left. And I set up about a dozen guest blogs for November and December, which I now have to write.

Oh, yeah, and those proposals I'm supposed to be writing. Need to work on those.
Tags: downtherabbithole, promo, the duke

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