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I really, really enjoyed The Native Star, which so far as I know is M.K. Hobson's first novel. It's steampunk, but for the most part the technology is based on magic...magic that could easily be considered science-fictional in many ways. Anyway, categories don't matter so much as the way the worldbuilding hangs together and raises interesting questions and plot issues.

Emily, the heroine, is a witch in a small town who's decided she needs to trap Dag, the town's wealthiest man, with a love spell so she can support her aging adoptive father. She feels ambiguous about this, as she's been friends with Dag for a long time and knows it's wrong, but tells herself it's necessary. At the same time, she has an adversarial relationship with a visiting big city warlock, Dreadnought Stanton. Yes, his name is really Dreadnought, and oh does he hate it.

After there's a problem with zombie miners, Emily is magically altered, so she and Dreadnought have to travel to meet with warlock experts, encountering all sorts of dangers. I'm not going to spoil any more details, but I stayed up late to finish it.

The book has romantic elements, but primarily it's an exciting fantasy adventure story. There are enough threads left loose that I am looking forward to a second book.

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Tags: sf/f, steampunk

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