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NetGalley - The Duke & The Pirate Queen

The Duke and the Pirate Queen is now available on NetGalley if you're a reviewer who's registered with the site. If you're just curious about the service, here's the FAQ.

The thought of people reading the book, in my current state of mind, fills me with a mix of nausea and despair. I think the novel is good, so I'm not sure why I feel that way. Perhaps because I've been having trouble sleeping. That always puts me in a terrible mood. Or perhaps it's because I fear no one will review the book. Or that everyone who does will hate it. Or or or.

It's really too late to be angsting over it now! And a waste of energy, to boot.

I worked on the Steampunk Western proposal over the weekend. Mostly, I gutted the synopsis, removing the threesome subplot in order to, hopefully, make the book more salable in more places. I added in a new conflict for the heroine, but still need to invent new organs to replace the ones I removed so the system (novel) will operate. That's probably contributing to my bad mood, too.

On the bright side, I get to sing Mozart tonight and tomorrow night.
Tags: business of writing, promo, steampunk, the duke

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