oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Am blah.

I am blah. Yes, blah.

I need a vacation.

Other goals:

1. Finish steampunk Western proposal (three chapters, revise synopsis).

2. Write science fiction romance proposal (three chapters, synopsis).

I am not even sure I will be able to sell on proposal, but last night I realized I would feel more comfortable if I had more than one thing going out.

3. Think about possible third proposal (pull out pseudo-Egypt YA project?).

4. Recycle Werewolf Marriage of Convenience manuscript-in-progress and extract 20,000 word (or less) story, for submission to Spice Briefs.

5. I have a synopsis for what could be a story about Hailey set in that same universe, but that will depend on other factors (see above).

6. Continue thinking about romance set in Victorian period.

Alternative activities that could easily eat all my time: loll around all day reading with occasional breaks for the gym, wandering the city while wearing cool boots, and allowing small monkeys to jump on me and decorate me with yarn and eyeliner pencils.
Tags: business of writing, my life
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