oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Back to the workouts.

Yesterday evening was the first thorough workout I've done in almost two weeks - I went five days with no gym while sick, and then took a little time to get back up to speed.

I'm still coughing, but not as much, and I think I'm mostly over the virus.

I've been looking at my upcoming convention schedule and so far it looks like Philcon and Arisia and Readercon for sure. I haven't bought my WisCon membership yet. WisCon is the most expensive con I attend regularly(airline ticket plus hotel). I want to go, but I need to look at my budget.

I guess I probably will do RWA, which is in NYC, next summer, and it's contiguous with the academic romance conference, which I think I would really enjoy. Those are cheap transportation costs for me, high hotel costs. I'm not sure I'll have a novel contract by then (who knows? I might never have one again), but it would be foolish not to do the requisite networking, since I will have a book out (The Duke and the Pirate Queen). It's a good book, my best so far I think, and I want it to do well for that reason. I want people to read it.

I'm not attending the Romantic Times convention in Los Angeles, as it conflicts with my choir schedule.
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