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Getting Rid of Stuff

I am in the Getting Rid of Stuff mood right now. Having recently taken a bag of giveaway clothing to its final destination (after it sat around in my apartment for weeks? months?), I decided to be even more ruthless, since I hope to attend the Swap-o-rama-rama in October. Once I got more ruthless, it wasn't that difficult to fill a large department store bag with clothing and a couple of extra cloth grocery bags that I am sure someone will want to carry home their loot.

I am wondering if this mood might have been partially brought on by me buying two new pairs of boots this year, one pair casual mid-calf laceups and one pair sleek ankle boots, dressy enough for work (the leather is a color which is named, I kid you not, "soda oak." Okaaay. Something to do with the tanning process, maybe?).

Also this weekend, I began writing the Steampunk Western proposal. I'm going to keep the synopsis pretty much as is for now, and work on the first three chapters, in the hope that it can be sold on proposal. Once the proposal's out, I will work on writing the rest in case no one wants to consider it on proposal. It was fun to to finally put down on paper the opening scene that's been brewing in my head for weeks. I also learned I don't know nearly enough about piloting an airship to make it sound good, so I'm going to research that a little bit.
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