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Six Things Make a Post

1. I had jury duty yesterday, but didn't get picked. I think my hoarse voice and the dark circles under my eyes might have contributed.

2. I feel a bit better after doing virtually nothing for several days but lolling, reading, and drinking hot beverages, but am still hoarse and every morning includes several coughing fits.

3. I'm going to attempt to visit the gym today, for the first time since last Wednesday. I was going to attempt it Friday, but was so exhausted after a brief foray to day job that I just went home and went back to sleep. Yes, I will be gentle with myself.

4. I am so behind on email. So, so behind. I was only online briefly for five days in a row.

5. I didn't get into the second "House of Rohan" book from Anne Stuart as much as the first. Reckless just didn't grab me. I read it yesterday while waiting endlessly for my juror number to be called. Not sure if that affected my opinion or not. I think the book had a smidge of homage to Heyer's Devil's Cub, btw.

6. [profile] kateelliott, I didn't know your new book was steampunk! I just ordered it because it was yours and I love your stuff. It looks awesome. Everybody else should read it, too. Cold Magic: Borders | B & N | Amazon | Powell's | Indiebound
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