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Five things make a post

1. I have a weird bruise on the back of my left arm. I don't think it's from weightlifting, since that would just be weird, and also there's no matching bruise on my right arm. But my triceps were really sore yesterday. I felt the moment I went too far on Monday; I was about to begin set number three on the chest press machine, and I felt my upper arms seize up on the first rep. So I stopped. Much less sore today. It's a weights day, so I'll decide this evening how much I want to do with the upper arms. Possibly nothing, and focus on my neglected abdominals.

2. I want to do nothing but read and sleep, with occasional breaks for the gym so I don't feel like I'm doing nothing but reading and sleeping. Also, I feel like shopping. All of these things are like mini-vacations inside my head.

3. I'm reading Anne Stuart's new historical romance, and it is most amusingly cracktastic with its dissipated rake hero and his bossy housekeeper. There's some meta commentary going on. Have to finish reading it before I can really write about it.

4. I have seven invite codes for Dreamwidth, if anyone's interested.

5. I blogged about why genre fiction is the bestest.
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