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I've been reading a lot because I haven't started writing the new novel yet. I'm trying to give myself a little space to let go of the unfinished one for now.

Yesterday, I finished Sean Kennedy's Tigers and Devils, which was a gay romance with a lot of miscellaneous bits about Australian football that made me want to know more about Australian football. Also, I think it's a really good story about coming out, and not coming out, and what that can do to a person and their friends and their family and their society.

The first-person narrator, Simon, is a self-deprecating "arty wanker" who falls for Declan, a very closeted, well-known player of Australian football, which is a Very Manly Sport Yes We Are All MANLY Men. Simon is out, but he attempts to keep his relationship with Declan on the QT, for Declan's sake. This works badly. I don't think I'm spoiling anything to say that, eventually, their secret is revealed; then the novel goes on to explore the various problems that can arise for a famous person and his lover after he's come out, and how these characters deal with the issues.

I enjoyed the voice and the characters, and I'd recommend it to someone looking for an interesting contemporary romance to read.

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