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Suzanne Brockmann, DARK OF NIGHT

Towards the end of last week, I was going through my To Be Read boxes and found I still had one of Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters novels to read (there's another one out, but only in hardcover). This one was Dark of Night, book 14 in the series. Now, don't run away yet!

I think one could pick up in this series at a number of random places. It's a bit like a longrunning comic book or a soap opera in structure; there are endings to each book, but there are also constant new plotlines and emotional/romantic relationships beginning, sometimes in very small ways, and then growing and intensifying across several books in a row. I'm not sure I would want to read a bunch of these all in a row, unless I wanted to lose a week to reading (not the worst fate!), but then that won't be an issue for me, as I've been reading the books as they come out, roughly.

The thing I most admired in this book is the structure, which is just exquisitely good. I loved the way she handled all those multiple plotlines and how she shifted from one to the other using carefully calculated degrees of resolution and cliffhanger. I had a fantasy of diagramming what she'd done but it would take at least a week or more and I don't think an outline would capture all the subtleties.

Sometimes I did drift out of the story a little because I was admiring the structure; and because, sometimes, her characters can be to good to be true in a way that would be difficult to escape, since we're meant to be rooting for them long-term. That said, her characters do awful, stupid things that make sense, so they're not perfect by any means; it's just that, for the most part, I think they're constrained somewhat by their (eventual) Happily Ever Afters. I am not sure if that's a feature or a bug. It depends on my mood at the time. Mostly, for me, it's a feature. I don't want a character I like to be killed off.

Anyway, I recommend this series. I've been following this author since she wrote category romances, and she just gets better and better.

I've written about Brockmann's books before: Into the Fire is a little earlier in this series.

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