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I read Tessa Dare's One Dance with a Duke earlier this week, and I really liked it a lot.

As in her first three books, Dare takes a lot of standard elements of historical romances and reworks them just enough so they feel surprising and interesting. For example, hero has Secret Reason for wanting a particular stud stallion really, really badly. Heroine, rather than spending half the book trying to suss it out for herself, simply asks him his reasons (and other questions, too). He doesn't tell her, at least not then, but it feels a lot more natural than the artificial Big Misunderstanding.

Another slight twist: it's become a big marketing thing to have several romances linked somehow, either by featuring various siblings who meet their romantic matches one by one, or the members of some schoolboy society, or a bunch of spies, or whatever. Dare's twist is that the three men in this trilogy are thrown together literally by chance, because they hold stud-rights to a particular stallion, stud-rights which cannot be given but only won in games of chance. The three men dislike each other heartily at the novel's beginning, though that's beginning to change a little by the end of the book. Conflict automatically yields a much more interesting story.

I recommend this one.
Tags: historical, romance, tessa dare

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