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I had to order some research books recently, and some of them have already arrived. Others were shipped by...drumroll...UPS, otherwise known as You Will Not See This Package Ever Because We Are Keeping It From You In Our Secret Hideout.

Why, why, why is there no way to tell ahead of time that the vendor is going to ship via UPS rather than the good old US Post Office, like everyone else? If I wanted a UPS delivery that requires signature, I would ask for one. No one is at my house during the day. There is such a thing as a job.

I wouldn't be nearly as frustrated if I hadn't attempted, twice, to decipher the very circular UPS website to figure out how to change the delivery address. Finally, I called, and it turns out the vendor doesn't allow for that. They just keep sending me emails telling me to call UPS so I can change the delivery.

I paid for the books. I need them urgently. Why can't I get them?!



Yeah, yeah, I need to be patient and work with the books I have. The world will not end if I do not have those books before this weekend.

*is pitiful*
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