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progress report

Weekend wordcounts: Saturday, 2177. Sunday, 1175.

I spent a good amount of time on Saturday re-reading what I'd already written (some of it in small fragments of scenes), referring back to my synopsis, and then inserting reminders from the synopsis into my draft document, so I'll remember where some of those fragmentary scene openings are meant to go. This is the second time I've put notes to myself in the document; it's because this time I've had large gaps between days of writing, so it's been harder to hold the structure in my head.

Every novel is different. I know a lot about my process, but it alters from project to project. I have to be open to that, as well.

For one of the scenes I worked on, I decided I needed more of a feel for the landscape, so I did a quick internet search and found the information I needed, which I included on the spot. I don't usually go online in the midst of writing, as it's too distracting, but I think it worked out this time. It took a lot less time than traveling to Belgium.

I still haven't written much of anything with the new werewolf character, Rudolf. In the last few weeks, I figured out how and why he belonged in the story, where he fit into the shape of it. Yesterday, I realized he should be more like Snape. His personality is coming together rapidly for me, now.
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