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five things make a post

1. Today is day five of gym-every-day. I am not falling over with exhaustion yet. I am taking the whole weekend off, then doing five more days in a row. I doubt I'll keep up with the every-day thing after that, jsut because I do have other things to do with my life, such as write a novel.

2. This weekend is officially a writing marathon for me. The ideas are finally flowing a bit for the new novel, and though lack of ideas doesn't stop me from writing, having them sure makes it easier to accumulate wordcount. And I really need to accumulate wordcount at this point. I am officially done with The Duke & The Pirate Queen, so no more excuses.

3. My website needs work, and preferably in the next month or so, so I will probably make some quick-and-dirty changes. Suggestions? Any and all suggestions about anything website-related are gratefully appreciated.

4. You can look at a few pages of Carezze di Luna online. (Yes, I linked it from my website already!)

5. Last night, I listened to Michael Wood talking about Buddha and Asoka/Ashoka while I stuffed bookmarks and postcards into plastic baggies and then into manila envelopes, to mail to various bookstores and to a librarian I met at RWA. If you've got a local bookstore or library that would like some, please let me know. (I already have some set aside for The Big Blue Marble Bookstore.) I glanced up at the tv screen a few times, and discovered from movie clips the documentary used that the guy who played Asoka in the 2001 movie is very pretty, and there are awesome battle scenes and cool costumes and a woman fighting with a sword, so I should absolutely see it. Also, I discovered that the Alexander movie works much better as illustration for a documentary than as, you know, a thrilling movie. (When it came out, I applauded the accuracy of the details, but only really enjoyed the battle scenes. How anyone could manage to make all the court intrigues of the period stultifying is beyond me, but they managed it in that movie....) Anyway, I don't have time to watch the things I already have waiting for me to watch, but there's always the Thanksgiving and winter holidays.
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