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*is sluglike*

Day Two of Five Days of Gym: I snacked on a protein bar and almonds in the afternoon, then went to the gym after work and did my thirty minutes of cardio at a setting three down from the one I use for regular workouts.

So exhausted. I didn't even feel like carrying my gym bag afterwards (but did). I took the bus home and didn't want to walk the two short blocks to my building. I definitely didn't want to climb my three flights of stairs.

I have no idea why I was so tired. Either two days of gym in a row is too much for me, or something else was affecting me (I was a little short of sleep).

Today is my regular workout, in which I will do thirty minutes of cardio with resistance, and probably some pushups and ab exercises, or maybe weightlifting depending on my mood. If I have any mood. If I am not a zombie.

Another thing I've learned is that if I do this, even for a little while, I need more shorts.
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