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get it moving

I'm going to try an experiment this week. I'm going to try and go to the gym for five days in a row, alternating cardio-plus-weights with just cardio. I did this on Monday and Tuesday of last week, before I left for RWA, and was pretty sluggish when I did the cardio Tuesday. Maybe I can get past the sluggishness, perhaps by having the "cardio only" day on a low elliptical setting, so I can work more on speed and getting my heart rate up.

Various things about the new novel are coming together in my mind, clickety-clickety. I need to do some serious wordcount this weekend, and possibly take some time off the dayjob as well, maybe next week if I can work in a day or so. That will depend on my dayjob workload. Right now I am craving a whole week just to write. Will likely end up squeezing out words in tiny increments like usual.
Tags: gym, writing process, writing progress

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