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5 Things Make a Post

1. I wrote 2100 words on Saturday on the new novel. Whenever I felt myself lagging, I started writing a different scene. I also mostly finished, finally, one of the big erotic scenes, which I've been writing in tiny snippets. It helped that, at a previous section, I'd transferred some scene descriptions from my synopsis into the novel file, so if I was stuck, I didn't have to think about what to do next; I just had to see "rescue a spy" and begin writing.

2. I am tired of summer. Autumn can arrive any time now.

3. I'm leaving for RWA on the 28th. By posting this, I am reminding myself that packing will be a lot less painful if I do it bit by bit over the next week.

4. Working out is still going pretty well. I'm keeping up, with only occasional slips because of my schedule, the every-other-day exercising. I feel physically and mentally much better than when I wasn't working out. This month, though, weight loss seems to have plateaued. Luckily, that wasn't my primary goal. But I think I will pay more attention to what I eat from now on. Not sure what kind of attention yet.

5. I finally read the classic and much-discussed historical romance To Have and To Hold by Patricia Gaffney. I need to write a blog post about it, hopefully for later this week. In the first section, at least, it bears a strong resemblance to erotica. Then it flips into totally romance-y romance. Still thinking about it.
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