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still gymming

The gym was closed Friday through Monday for Independence Day, which threw me off my schedule, but yesterday evening I went to the gym and worked out as much as I could stand. They didn't have the air conditioning on as strongly as usual, I believe to ease the load on the grid because of the heat wave, so I was more uncomfortable than usual. I ran on the elliptical anyway, and even did three moderate one-minute-sprint-two-minutes-rest intervals, not fast enough to make me pant, but enough to drive up my heart rate.

I tried four sets of twelve pushups this time, and today feel only moderate stiffness. Will try five next time. Or maybe--I was feeling good about myself until I was in the weight room and saw this guy waiting for his turn at a piece of equipment. He did a bunch of perfect, straight-arm, military pushups that looked effortless. I still feel sad for my form today. I could try to work more on form. Even though my form is not in the least the same shape as that guy's!

I added one more set of those ab-killing leg lifts.

My thighs remain mighty, however.
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