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Five Things I've Accomplished Make a Post

1. I've finished initial comments on a novel section I'm critiquing.

2. I've read some books. (Today's pro blog post is "My TBR Pile, or The Andes?" - direct link - the pic of my TBR is already out of date, sigh. I guess taking a picture shamed me into reading some of the books.)

I really enjoyed Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas. It's now my favorite of hers. As a disliker of flashbacks, I've had to fight that while appreciating all the things she does wonderfully. This time, the flashbacks, though in italics which was kind of hard to read, were brief and seemed to fit into the present-day story much better. I didn't feel flung back and forth quite so much. Also, I liked the specificity of her Indian setting, which included various geographic areas and cultural groups and showed some of the complexity of them and differences between them. Some Indian characters even have lines, and those lines are not in transliterated dialect. Plus, there was geekery about quinine and phenacetin.

3. Now I'm reading Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight. This book has been discussed a lot online, and I've been meaning to read it for a while. The characters are full of Angst. I don't actually know a lot about it beyond that. I'm only a few pages in. The heroine used to be an actress until her face was scarred by a stalker, and now she works on developing new movies. I haven't met the hero yet. This counts as an accomplishment because it came from my TBR pile.

4. Last night, I not only changed my sheets but finally organized my buttons. You know how when you get a new item of clothing, you often get a spare button or buttons, or sequins, or bit of yarn for repairs? Well, I had about a decade of those in one particular area in a drawer. I found a couple of containers, one for yarn and little baggies of sequins, and the other for buttons. I shucked all the buttons out of their little envelopes and bags and put them into the little box. I recycled the paper envelopes and stored the tiny ziplocks in a somewhat larger ziplock, to use to hold earrings. I fear many of the clothes accompanying those buttons might no longer be mine, but...at least it's tidier.

5. I put some books into the bag of books to share, some of which I had not even read but decided I was never going to read. I still need to put them online to trade, but I am hoping to add a few more first.

What have all of you been accomplishing lately?
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