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back to the gym! & Karin Lowachee, THE GASLIGHT DOGS

I went back to the gym! Though I walked a lot while I was at BEA, I didn't end up using the hotel exercise room because I'd walked so much and was too tired. Monday, my gym was closed. But yesterday I went back, and I don't appear to have fallen completely apart in a week. I did the elliptical for half an hour and then mat exercises and pushups against a low bar (almost but not quite full pushups).

Then I went home and didn't do any writing. Oops.

I did finish Karin Lowachee's new book, The Gaslight Dogs. I believe it must be first in a series, because it ended in a place that was very WTF. Publishers really need to do better about having some indication of this fact, so that people will not say, "WTF?!" and give up, instead of being excited to read the rest of the series. So far as I could tell, there was no indication anywhere on the cover or front material that it was part of a series. Maybe in the little author interview section in the back, but I didn't read that.

Anyway. It's set in a sort-of Victorian fantasy world, except more Canadian and possibly American because it has a war going on between outside settlers and the indigenous population. Also, in the background, the settlers are apparently still at war with the country they departed. None of that was resolved by the end of the book. I didn't even have a clear idea of the secondary conflict. I am assuming the rest of the series will address the various wars and the various ways they are fighting (indigenous magic, two or more different branches of the settlers' religion, and guns). The world is wonderfully complex. I just got tossed out of it too soon.

I think I might have done better to wait until all the books were out and read them all in a row. Except I didn't know there was an "all." I think I might be a trifle disgruntled.
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