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This week I have to get back into the swing of writing. I've been very, very lax while taking care of day job stuff, and life stuff, and preparing for and attending BookExpo America, and on and on. There were spaces in there where I could have written, but I didn't. I felt like I needed a little vacation.

So now I've had the vacation. I need to get back on a schedule. I'm going to lose next weekend for writing, but other than that, I'm pretty clear until Readercon and the RWA conference in July. Time to get moving on this novel!

I was relieved that, over the weekend, I figured out a different scene I could start with. I've been convinced the novel should begin with the wedding in the hero's hospital room, but that just wasn't exciting enough, so I'd been trying to think of ways to introduce subtle tension. I realized I should just start with an action scene for the heroine, in which her behavior will contrast with the wedding scene, thus creating dissonance. So now I know something new about the novel. I have to buckle down and write.
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