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i'd like another weekend now, please

I wrote this weekend, crammming it in before an early showing of Iron Man 2 with [profile] feklar, in which Many Things Blew Up Real Good and Robert Downey Jr. wore a tank top and did his best impression of Hephaestus, if Hephaestus was a narcissistic billionaire playboy.

I then trekked over to the Free Library to see [profile] blackholly, who with [personal profile] cassandraclare was giving a reading. Also got to see [profile] mroctober, whom I hadn't seen in a while since I've been buried under writing and revisions. Had dinner at Square on Square, a Chinese place on Chestnut that I hadn't visited in a couple of years, got a report on the RT Convention I wasn't able to attend, and learned a couple of new things about book tours.

Sunday was brunch with The Tots and their parental units. Elder Tot performed for me her Star Wars ballet and we watched almost all of Return of the Jedi. I am very happy to announce she likes the original ending music better than the sucky new ending music, that's just an extension of the floaty flute music from the shots of the sky. (If my indignation sounds fresh, it is - I hadn't seen the "new and improved" versions before.) We danced to that funky Ewok sounds. Twice.

I finished my re-read of Jane Eyre and managed to keep it down to three blog posts, which go up starting Friday. I'll probably repost them here with a cut, next week sometime.
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