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I've got your Bach

It's Monday morning, and I am tired.

I had rehearsal for a large chunk of Saturday; in between the two rehearsals, I walked around in the heat and humidity for a couple of hours. Then after I got out from the run-through at five, I waited for the train, and went back into Philadelphia, and waited for another train, and traveled out to the 'burbs for a late dinner with a visiting friend. I didn't get home until around 10:30 pm, exhausted and sticky and footsore.

For all that, it was worth it to attend a rehearsal where, for once, I was totally awake. The pieces (Easter and Ascension Oratorios) are both so joyous, and performing them was like flying. We have to import the baroque trumpet players, but it is totally worth it. I had a good view of them throughout the run, so watched whenever I wasn't singing.

As you can imagine, I did not go to the gym on Sunday. Instead, I slept in (8:22 am!) and had the unexpected delight of breakfast with the Tots. We went to Ants Pants, a small local Australian-style cafe. I found lost tourists as I walked there, and was able to reassure them of its location and its yummy food. I'd already eaten actual food by that time, so I had an Aussie-style iced coffee, which has ice cream with the espresso instead of ice, and whipped cream on top. I shared the whipped cream with Elder Tot, to decorate her chocolate milk. She had a cold and was a little subdued, but still informed that we didn't really need the letter C because we have K and S. And then sang the alphabet song without C, filling in the scansion at the end with "thank you, goodbye." Toddler Tot still had a runny nose but was all smiles and made sure to take me on a walk.

After the Aussie iced coffee, I was pretty sprightly despite the oppressive heat and humidity. Since the church where we performed wasn't air conditioned, we modified our concert dress: men left off suit jackets, and women wore short sleeves and sandals, which you couldn't see anyway since we were in the choir loft. The heat was tolerable; more so in the first half than in the second. When singing, I didn't even notice, I was so caught up. Afterwards, we adjourned to the house of local choristers for our traditional partying. I ended up being there pretty late, since my ride and I were waiting with someone else, who was hosting the trumpet players that night. (One of them had to collect his things from the previous night's host.)

I did Wordles of my novels over at the pro blog. Yes, that is the sole content of my post there this morning. And?!
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