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Today's Goal

Today's goal is to get into the free pilates class at the gym. I'm going to go way early. There's one more tomorrow, and a free yoga class on Friday. If I make just one of those, I'll feel like I've accomplished something.

I didn't write last night, but I did go to the gym despite being in a really bad mood (no particular reason). Then I did laundry. Laundry was actually important because I was down to one clean pair of workout shorts.

This morning I woke up really early and my brain wouldn't shut up, so I made one of those lists of about a million things I need to do, most of them little. Like update my website biography to bring The Duke and The Pirate Queen farther up, and maybe do some downloadable PDF free reads. And a bunch of miscellaneous tasks that require me to email people.

I'm mulling over whether I should go to the Novelists, Inc. conference in October. My buddy Jennifer is going. It would be an excellent networking opportunity and tax writeoff, but it's in Florida during hurricane season. (I am not a swimmer or a sunbather, though I do love watching and hearing and smelling the ocean.) It isn't the same weekend as CapClave, though if I would went I would have to decide if I was going to do CapClave as well.
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